Doors Open Festival - 2024

held at Ismaili Centre Toronto

Art workshop - connecting heart and brain

Today, I invite you to join me on a journeythrough our annual ‘Doors Open’ festival, took place at the Ismaili Centre Torontoand Aga Khan Park in Toronto. I had the pleasure of conducting an interactiveart workshop with the attendees, their families, and their delightful children.The central theme was to foster self-awareness about our limitless potentialand our ability to rewire our brain’s rigid connections.

Let’s delve deeper into this.

I created a representation of the human brainusing stones, a material chosen to symbolize our connection with the earth. Weare a part of nature, and nature is characterized by its constant motion andcycles, never stagnant or stuck.

So, whenever you find yourself feelingtrapped, don’t perceive it as a limitation. Instead, view it as a part of thenatural cycle, which is always in motion.

Stones also represent stability and strength.So, how can one maintain stability and strength during times of crisis? Theanswer lies in the emotions that originate from your heart. Reflect on thepositive aspects of your life, generate emotions from your heart, and channelthem to your brain. After all, isn’t that how our bodies are designed?

To facilitate this, we usedvarious colors representing joyful emotions, and the visitors were excited toapply these colors to their chosen brain representation.

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