Hey, I’m Dilshad.

The founder of Transcendence Art Gallery - Bridging Art, Science and Spirituality. 

What’s our reality? How to transcend its dimensions via conscious evolution? what's the origin of our universe, how the universe works from the subatomic to the cosmological, quantum mechanics, consciousness and how we are all connected to everything.

We are miracles of change! How the structures of the cells, energy of the quantum realms, scared geometry, our brain, design of our human biology, and specially role of our heart  can lead to massive transformation in our lives. We have power to take back control over our genetic blueprint, the way our body responds to the environment, and achieve an inner evolution through biological change.

Artist Statement

I am an emerging visual artist, with focus on bridging art, science and spirituality. My imagination moves around my understanding based on scientific research about human existence and its connection with the entire universe. Inspired by the in-depth cosmological inquiry provided by numerous Scientist, our ancestors, and Sufi sages, my current practice is dedicated to re-imagining the principles that once guided our ancestors towards an illumination of the intellect. Each intervention involves testing how various geometric forms can appear(worldly) and disappear(spiritually) in space - how the viewer must find a state of balance in order to witness the unity within an image.

Artist Bio

Dilshad, a Pakistani artist based in Toronto, is a visionary who draws inspiration from Sufism. Her art serves as a conduit between the realms of science and spirituality.

Her primary medium is oil paint, and her work is a vibrant fusion of surrealistic cosmic dreamscapes and the emotional dynamism of abstract expressionism. Her canvases are a riot of color, featuring a blend of geometric and biomorphic shapes that occasionally crystallize into recognizable forms.

At the heart of her artistic practice is the quantum field, a space where she explores the Truth about ourselves, the universe, and our interconnectedness. Her ambition is to weave together the threads of art, science, and spirituality, using this tapestry to delve into an introspective journey through art.

Her creative process begins with an in-depth study of contemporary scientific discoveries, ancient wisdom, and the works of Sufi poets. She meticulously manipulates these studies to comprehend the present and forecast the future. Consequently, her art themes revolve around consciousness, time and space, eternity, and multi-dimensional beings.

Dilshad’s work has graced the halls of Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), the Aga Khan Museum, the Ismaili Global Encounter events, and the Ontario Society of Artists, among others.


Contact Information

email: transcendence.art.gallery@gmail.com

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